Family Summer Camp 2024: Fun for All Ages!  - Carlingford Adventure Centre
girls in red helmets pose for photo at climbing quarry in Carlingford

Family Summer Camp 2024: Fun for All Ages! 

Looking for a summer adventure that the whole family can enjoy? Look no further! Our Family Summer Camp 2024 offers a unique opportunity for parents and kids to experience the joys of summer camp together. Say goodbye to the days when all the fun was just for the kids. 

Why Choose Family Camp? 

– Shared Experiences: Family Camp is all about creating shared memories. Parents and children can take part in activities together, have some laughs and creating lasting memories. 

– A Great Range of Activities: Our camp offers a wide range of activities designed to be fun and engaging for all ages and abilities. Whether you’re interested in water sports, team-building exercises, or exciting outdoor adventures, you can choose from kayaking to ziplines and laser combat there’s something for everyone.  

Don’t miss out on the ultimate family adventure this summer. Family Summer Camp 2024 promises fun, adventure, and quality time for all ages. Join us and make this summer one to remember. 

Ready to embark on this unforgettable journey with your family? Sign up today and secure your spot at our Family Summer Camp 2024!

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