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Archery Combat

Archery Battlezone: Our newest activity is like archery on adrenaline! Its an exciting team combat game that allows players all the excitement of Dodgeball but using specially made bows and arrows.


  • Age :9+
  • Prices from :15 pp
  • Available :Summer
  • Session Length :It Varies
  • Duration :1 Hour
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Package Summary

  • Archery Combat is like archery on adrenaline, it is a high octane and fast paced group activity.
  • The group will be split into two teams for battle in the fashion of The Hunger Games… but nobody gets hurt here with our rubber tipped arrows.
  • Teams shoot arrows at one another but the arrows have round rubber tips, which will absorb the impact when it hits a player.
  • Can be combined with Footgolf for a fun half day activity.

Good to know

Currently Archery Tag can be booked as a half day activity (3hrs) booked in combination with Footgolf so you get 2 activities for the price of one!

  • Perfect for family and Friends.
  • Pace Play
  • Perfect land activity
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