Meet Our Amazing Team: Matt in the Hat  - Carlingford Adventure Centre
matt an instructor at Carlingford Adventure Centre

At Carlingford Adventure, we pride ourselves on having an exceptional team that makes every adventure unforgettable. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to one of our most experienced and beloved team members, Matt in the Hat. 

A Veteran of Adventure 

Name: Matt in the Hat 
Time with Carlingford Adventure: Since September 5, 2007 – that’s nearly 17 incredible years! 

Matt’s journey with Carlingford Adventure began almost two decades ago, and his enthusiasm for outdoor sports has only grown since. His extensive experience and passion for adventure make him an invaluable part of our team. 

Favourite Activity 

Favourite Activity at Carlingford: Rock climbing 

Rock climbing holds a special place in Matt’s heart. It was the spark that ignited his love for outdoor sports and the very first activity he instructed.  

Best Outdoor Experience 

Best Ever Outdoor Experience: A night dive in the Red Sea, watching Lion fish hunt, and then turning off all the lights and seeing the natural phosphorescent plankton glowing as we moved through the water like a magical trail behind us. 

Bucket List Dream 

Top of the Bucket List: Flying his own helicopter 

When it comes to future adventures, Matt dreams big. Topping his bucket list is the goal of flying his own helicopter. Knowing Matt’s adventurous spirit, we wouldn’t be surprised to see him achieve this dream soon. 

A Fun Fact 

Little-Known Fact: World Tent Pitching Champion 

Here’s a quirky tidbit you might not know about Matt: he once became the “World Tent Pitching Champion” by accident! Yes, you read that right. Matt holds the “golden mallet” trophy to prove it. It’s a testament to his knack for turning even the most unexpected challenges into triumphs. 

Matt in the Hat’s dedication, expertise, and time with us make him a cornerstone of the Carlingford Adventure team. Whether he’s leading a session or sharing tales of his underwater exploits, Matt’s enthusiasm is contagious, inspiring all who meet him. Next time you visit Carlingford Adventure, be sure to say hello to Matt and ask him about his latest adventure – you won’t be disappointed! 

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