Student Mobile Phone Policy - Carlingford Adventure Centre

Mobile Phone & Mobile Device Policy

At Carlingford Adventure Centre the welfare and well-being of our visitors, students and staff is our top priority.

For security and child protection reasons, we have implemented a Mobile Device Policy for students visiting the centre in response to the significant increase in the use of mobile phones, hand held electronic devices and smart watches amongst the school population over recent years.

When we refer to mobile devices we refer to all mobile phones, tablets (iPads etc), Game Boys/PSPs, MP3s/iPods, smart watches etc. As it is difficult to detect specific usage, our policy refers to ALL mobile communication devices.

The aim of the Mobile Device Policy is to allow users to enjoy their stay at Carlingford Adventure Centre and provide them with the opportunity to use their mobile devices, whilst promoting safe and appropriate practice by establishing clear and acceptable mobile user guidelines.

It is recognised that the camera and video functions of mobile phones cause the most concern. These are most susceptible to misuse, mainly the taking and distribution of indecent images, exploitation and bullying.

We recognise that mobile phones are part of everyday life for many children and that they can play an important role in helping students feel safe and secure. However, we also recognise that the camera function on mobile phones can be misused especially in a situation where children are changing or if they are staying over on a residential stay.


Day Visit: Mobile devices are NOT permitted in the centre while the students are here on a school trip.  It is the teacher’s responsibility to remove devices from students before they enter Carlingford Adventure Centre.  All devices must be turned off.  We will provide safe storage of phones & devices until departure.  Devices are not allowed to be accessed throughout the day – unless a teacher takes responsibility for this.  Devices will be returned to the teacher upon departure.  Whilst Carlingford Adventure Centre will make every effort to look after these devices in safe storage the centre takes no responsibility for any accidental loss or damage to devices or mobile phones brought into the centre, therefore we recommend that schools discourage students from taking phones with them on the school trip.

Residential Visits: Mobile devices are permitted for residential stays.  HOWEVER they are only permitted from 5.00pm – 7.00pm & 9.00pm – 10.00pm.  Mobile devices will be collected from all students before lights out. This is a Child Protection procedure so there will be no exceptions to this policy.  Under no circumstances are devices allowed in bedrooms and are not allowed to be kept overnight. It is the teacher’s responsibility to collect / distribute mobile devices whilst they are here in the centre.

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