Raft Building

By in Sea

The ultimate team challenge event. We’ll teach you new skills and you’ll learn a variety of knots to keep your raft together.  Then your team can build your raft ready for the big finale – the race!

Raft Build Challenge

Will your raft survive against all tests? Teamwork, communication, and a positive attitude are key to staying afloat. The raft build team challenge is brilliant fun and bound to bring out your competitive side. As with all of out activities safety is our no.1 priority. We are dedicated to ensuring that you have great fun in a safe environment and your instructor and our fleet of safety boats are on hand at all times to guide and support you through this fantastic activity.

Team Challenge – Build!

Build and race a raft as a team.  Each team will receive two planks and three boards to create their raft.  An instructor will then demonstrate the suitable knots to use and various methods you can use to build a raft.

The teams are given time to build their rafts, before a shake test decides if their craft is seaworthy. Everyone then changes into a wetsuit, helmet and buoyancy aid and collect their paddles ready to move their raft. A short safety brief will ensure everyone is aware of what to do on the water and how to use their crafts.

Team Challenge – Paddle!

Following on from this the water challenge will be revealed. Each team must test their craft for its ability to move around a given course, for speed in a race against each other, for stability with their entire team standing up at the same time and a selection of other challenges. Challenges will vary, subject to conditions, and group ages/abilities. The group must then return their craft safely to the shore and untie it before the results are revealed and winners crowned… with seaweed 🙂

This is a great team challenge activity, perfect for corporate team bonding, sports teams, schools, hen parties and stag parties. Learn some new skills, have fun and get wet – the perfect activity for Ireland! You can also combine it with other dry team building activities like High Ropes and Crystal Maze.