Winter Weekends - Carlingford Adventure Centre


Looking for exciting activities during the Winter season? Weekend school trips got you covered. We have a variety of outdoor activities kids can enjoy. Come and join us!


  • Age :4+
  • Prices from :50 pp
  • Available :Winter
  • Session Length :1 Day
  • Duration :Full Day
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Package Summary

  • We continuously strive to make your experience with us better and to deliver maximum fun and value for money.
  • Our new packages enable you to maximise the time spent doing activities and will make the day flow better for you and your students. Simply pick your most preferred package(s) plus one back up option and we will do the rest.
  • Please provide us with a backup package option with all booking requests in case your first choices aren’t available

Good to know

We’ve replaced all our old packages with exciting, better value options. The new packages are designed to provide schools with our best ever options for fun and safe day trips filled with outdoor adventure activities across Land, Sea and Sky.

What to bring
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