Students are encouraged to plan and prepare before they set off to complete either 25km (Bronze Award) or 50 km (Silver Award) in accordance with guidelines provided by Gaisce.  They will have to demonstrate the skills that they have learned in map reading, route planning, group safety and leadership amongst many other transferable skills in order to achieve their award.

The stunning scenery of the Cooley Peninsula is the perfect location to help inspire young adults to set and surpass new goals. We are inclusive of all groups and are very proud to have assisted a huge number of students achieve their award from across the country.



Adventure Journey:

Plan, prepare and undertake a 2 day, 1 night adventure journey in a group covering a minimum total distance of: 25-35km walking over 2 consecutive days

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Challenge Yourself:

Organise every stage of the 3 day 2 night experience.  A distance of 50km is recommended by Gaisce and tests the group’s skills that they have learned from completing the bronze award.  The group are rewarded for their hard work with a 3 hour activity succeeding the silver award.

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Carlingford Adventure Centre is the top Activity Centre in Ireland.  It provides outdoor pursuits and activity holidays for kids and adults.  The ethos of the centre is to offer fun and challenging activities in a safe and friendly environment.