Leadership Skills

Learn practical tools & theories to develop your leadership skills to effectively lead and motivate your team.  Areas included are Leadership Styles, Motivating people, Effective Goal Setting and Performance Management.  This is an interactive workshop where Leaders will be put through their paces.



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Communication Skills

Effective Communication is the core skill of Effective Management.

Participants will learn the tools and confidence to effectively communicate for greater work performance.  Areas covered include – Understanding the importance of Effective Communication Skills, Effective Listening Skills, Conflict Management and Handling Difficult Situations.




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Stress & Time Management 

For Productivity

This practical workshop will help you identify where your sands of time are slipping away.

Provide you and your team with the key tools to manage and control where you spend and focus your time.  Areas covered include – understanding your Role, Prioritising, Delegation and Maintaining a Work-Life Balance.




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Conflict Management

The key to managing conflict is preventing it.

This workshop will explore the areas where conflict can arise within the organisation and provide the appropriate tools and strategies to intervene and dissolve conflict.  Areas covered include – Personal Conflict Styles, Dealing with Difficult People, Personal & Stress Management, The role of communication and perception, Effective Communication Skills.




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Health and Wellness

Workplace health and wellness matters, we have teamed up with Health Co to offer Health and Wellness workshops that incorporate wellness activities for staff.

Employee Health & Performance

If you think an employee health and wellbeing strategy would improve your business, this will put the foundation in place for this to improve your business long term.

If you already have an employee health and wellbeing strategy, we will help you strengthen its links to performance, optimising your execution.

  • Hold onto your talent
  • Boost employee engagement
  • Create a healthy brand
  • Nurture a healthy culture



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Core Values & Healthy Culture

Connect with and energise your core values through health. This program helps an organisation bring core values to life, strengthening their meaning throughout the workforce.

  • Put core values at the front of your organisations strategy
  • Foster a healthy company culture at the same time



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Innovate Through Health

Are you running out of ideas to successfully innovate……….. put your mind at ease. We’ll create the environment, capture the moments, and focus on the way forward. Our health based programme will help your staff broaden their thoughts on what is possible and give them the confidence to bring forward their ideas. Finishing with an execution plan, your staff will leave feeling valued and your company with the seeds for future success.



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Sample Programme

Day 1:

9.30am: Arrive for Tea/Coffee

10.00am: Workshop on your chosen topic

1.00pm: Lunch

2.00pm: Team building activities

5.00pm: End of activities

6.00pm: Evening Meal in Ghan House

Over night accommodation (Ghan House or a Local Hotel)

Day 2:

9.00am: Breakfast & Depart Carlingford


Stay an additional night

Add on more activities / workshops