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boys in lazer tag gear aim equipment in forrest area in Carlingford

Carlingford Adventure Centre: 6 Woodland Activities To Enjoy

Boy aiming at a target at Carlingford Adventure Centre Laser Combat range

Carlingford Adventure Centre offers climbing for beginners, intermediate climbers and those who are more advanced. They have a range of courses available that teach you how to climb safely, as well as how to belay your partner.

This game can be done as an individual or in teams. It can be competitive or non-competitive, and it can be done for fun or as part of training for other sports such as mountain biking, triathlon, etc.

It was originally designed as a military training exercise but now it is mainly used for recreation or fitness purposes.

This activity helps develop self-confidence, physical fitness, and teamwork skills, as well as teaching participants about Irish history, geography and geology. The Gaisce Hillwalking programme also provides participants with the opportunity to explore some of Ireland’s most beautiful landscapes.

The Carlingford Adventure Centre has been running this programme for years now, with many participants returning year after year in order to complete the full course.

Carlingford Lough, the Mourne Mountains, Slieve Gullion and its Ring Dyke Hills, Camlough Mountain and Lake, Dundalk Bay, the old Muirthemne Plains, and on a clear day, the Isle of Man are among the attractions you can see from the Cooley Mountains.

The Carlingford Adventure Centre is a great place for those with an interest in archery, axe throwing and the ancient aztec spear thrower, the “Atlatl”. If you are someone who has always wanted to try these sports but have never had the chance, then this is your opportunity.

Man attempting to make fire from scratch during Survivor Challenge activity at Carlingford Adventure Centre

Based in our Woodland and Quarry area, the Survivor Challenge combines a number of challenges based on needs you might have in a survival situation, Water, Heat, Food, etc. Your team needs to survive this challenge with a combination of survival skills including shelter building, tying knots and mental health training.

Can you work as a team to overcome the elements?

Escape to the world of endless adventure at Carlingford Adventure Centre

Adventure therapy is a new therapeutic approach that uses outdoor activities to help individuals overcome mental health struggles. Here at Carlingford Adventure Centre, we combine outdoor adventures with therapeutic techniques to create a holistic, transformative, and unforgettable experience.

Group of young boys wearing their kayaking gears taking a dip at Carlingford Adventure Centre

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