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Would you like to learn archery? We offer fun and engaging lessons! Then who will be the best archer in the land? Take up your bow and arrow, steady your aim and fire.

Archery Lessons

We encourage safety awareness from the outset as we teach the basics. Archery can be a great individual and team challenge, which needs accuracy, control, concentration and a steady hand. For groups that want to take it further, we can offer the ‘Target Archery Award’ to develop and test levels of skill.


Archery Battlezone: Our newest activity is like archery on adrenaline! Its an exciting team combat game that allows players all the excitement of Dodgeball but using specially made bows and arrows. Teams shoot arrows at one another but the arrows have round rubber tips, which will absorb the impact when it hits a player. Can be combined with Footgolf for a fun half day activity.

Enjoy Archery as a Combo Package:

COMBO 1 – Archery/Aeroball/3D Maze

Learn how to fire a bow and arrow, test your focus and control to see if you can hit the bullseye! Jump start your team tactics while you spring up in the air, shoot or defend on Aeroball trampoline and explore all your senses as you communicate to guide and feel your way out of darkness in our 3D Maze. A fantastic combination of exciting activities to keep you constantly entertained!

COMBO 2 – Leap of Faith / Archery / Low Ropes
Test your nerve with the ultimate personal challenge – the leap of faith. Jump out and off a 30ft totem pole and see you if you make the distance to the trapeze bar. Learn Archery, test your concentration and control to hit the target. Test your balance on a variety of obstacles on the Low Ropes Course. A great combination of activities to work on your mental strength.


Archery at Carlingford Adventure
Archery In Carlingford Adventure