Aeroball CAC

By in Sky

Vertical Action Game that is the Ultimate Sports Experience. Aeroball is the next generation trampoline fun activity!


A new activity! Aeroball is a fun trampoline activity suitable for all ages. Bounce, shoot and score on this new craze.  Take aim or block the opposing team’s ball in mid-air as you jump and spring on one of four trampolines. This exhilarating activity is best described as merging volleyball, trampoline and basketball into one high energy and very competitive game!

Aeroball can be played as individuals or as part of a team – jump start your team tactics while you spring up in the air, shoot or defend and work with your teammates. Much more interesting than basic trampoline and a lot more to think about! A real fun family activity or with friends, school, teams etc.  Also great craic on a hen party or stag party!  Aeroball can be booked as an individual activity or as part of a combo deal with other activities (frisbee golf / footgolf etc). Go trampoline!

Skypark at Carlingford Adventure
Skypark at Carlingford Adventure