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Crystal Maze

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Our most popular activity… similar to the famous TV Crystal Maze only bigger, more fun and outdoors! Also known as Challenge Island. The perfect team building challenge.

Crystal Maze

Crystal Maze is Ireland’s biggest and best permanent team building area. Work together as a team to solve a series of interactive challenges that will test a wide array of skills and abilities within your group.  Use logic and lateral thinking to tackle the obscure and interesting tasks at hand in order to gain as many of the precious gems as possible to get out of the Maze.   The clock is ticking and the countdown is on as you aim to complete as many of the 24 challenges across our sixteen acre park as possible!

Team Building activities are designed to provoke self-analysis within your group. You’ll then discover how you can work together to get better results with every new problem you are faced with. The ultimate aim is to win the challenge but the journey is just as important as the destination!  Whether you are looking for a great laugh that will include everyone or looking for a specific team building event, our instructors are specially trained to facilitate your team’s development whilst ensuring everyone is fully involved and engaged.

A key benefit of this activity is that you no longer have to worry about keeping everyone happy, as the mix of (light) physical, mental and skill challenges means it’s suitable for all. It is an ideal option for all groups including schools, hens & stags, corporate team building, friends and family. The perfect team building exercise!

Crystal Maze In Carlingford Adventure
Crystal Maze In Carlingford Adventure