Water Trampoline

By in Sea

Our Inflatable Water Trampoline is guaranteed to please! A bif favorite and one of the most fun activities on the water alongside pier and pontoon jumping.  They introduce a fun activity element into our water activity and other water sports.

Water Trampoline

Situated just off the shore, our floating water trampoline is included as part of our water activity packages which include kayaking, canoeing,  Stand Up Paddleboarding & windsurfing.

Lots of places have trampolines, but we had to get an inflatable floating water trampoline! You can climb on it, bounce on it and even flip off it into the water…however you decide to use it, it’s the ultimate fun water activity for all ages and is a great way to round off a water sports adventure!

Come on down to Carlingford Adventure Centre and let your inner child jump out…