Laser Combat

By in Land

Scramble, duck and roll across battlefields, fortresses, tunnels and abandoned churches all while shooting the enemy in the coolest outdoor purpose built Laser Combat arena’s in Ireland!

Laser Combat

Battle up to 100 people in hours of combat in adrenaline packed games such as; Total Annihilation, Capture the flag, Pilot Down and Sniper School.   This activity is perfect for solo soldiers or troops of all sizes and will bring out a bit of everyone’s competitive side.

Carlingford Adventure will provide you with army Combat clothing and your choice of gun.

Choose from a wide range of replica AK47’s, M24’s, M16’s and Uzi Sub Machine Guns.

Ideal for ages 6+.

Our most popular activity for girls, boys and adults – may the best team win!

Please note certain activities are only available on certain days during July and August.