Frisbee Disc Golf

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A brilliant activity that the whole
family can enjoy!

Frisbee Disc Golf

A brilliant activity that the whole family can enjoy!

The 9 hole course is located at Irelands biggest zip line park SKYPARK and will test your skills much more than throwing to your friends. With obstacles such as trees, ponds and corners to aim, dodge and spin your way around, everyone has a chance of being the winner! Perfect activity for families, couples and groups of all ages.

Take it easy and have fun walking around the beautiful course – or bring it on in a feisty competition! It all d epends on you.


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The rules are quite similar to the rules used in the game of “Club Golf”. Aim is to get your disc in the “hole” in the least amount of throws. Each hole starts with a tee-off, followed by subsequent throws until players reach the basket. Scoring is the same as ball golf. A stroke is counted each time the disc is thrown and when a penalty is imposed. Strokes are totalled to arrive at the game score. If completing in groups, the players with the fewest strokes wins.

Enjoy Frisbee Disc Golf as a Combo Package:

Frisbee Disc Golf / Rockwall
These two brilliant fun activities require precision, accuracy and endurance. Complete the Frisbee Disc Golf course in the fewest number of throws and test yourself while you scale the rock wall to find out if you can reach the top.

Please note certain activities are only available on certain days during July and August.



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