By in Sky

Vertical Action Game that is the Ultimate Sports Experience


A new activity! Aeroball is a brilliant fun activity suitable for all ages. Bounce, shoot and score on this new craze.  Take aim or block the opposing team’s ball while in mid-air, as you jump and spring on one of four trampolines. This exhilarating activity is best described as merging volleyball, trampolining and basketball into one high energy and very competitive game!

This activity is one of our 3 hour COMBO activities and is joined with Archery and our 3D maze.

Learn how to fire a bow and arrow on an Archery lesson, test your focus and control to see if you can hit the bullseye! Jump start your team tactics while you spring up in the air, shoot or defend on Aero ball and explore all your senses as you communicate to guide and feel your way out of darkness in our 3D Maze. A fantastic combination of exciting activities to keep you constantly entertained!

Please note certain activities are only available on certain days during July and August.